Monay For Car

Terms and Conditions


If Money For Car cannot be competitive we reserve the right not to quote on your car.

Unless otherwise stated, the first valuation supposes the vehicle has not been accident damaged either Category B, C or D, written off, damaged and/or repaired without insurance company involvement, stolen, stolen and recovered. Outstanding finance should be declared and will be settled prior to purchase completion. The number of former keepers should be accurate and as stated in the quotation request.

Money For Car will always make an Experian and or HPi check. If the Experian/HPi vehicle check shows different information to that of the quotation request, Money For Car reserve the right to change the valuation in light of the new information.

Mileage can be authenticated by service history and old MOT's. This is called Warranted Mileage. By answering yes you are saying that the mileage to your knowledge on the speedometer is correct.

On inspection if the vehicle is not accurately described as per the Quotation Request Money For Car reserve the right to change the valuation.

It is a good idea to take five minutes to inspect your car. Money For Car do not want to waste your time or our own. We do not wish to appear unreasonable or overly critical, however Money For Car must keep an objective focus in appraising your car.

If you do not mention a dent in a panel or just as important, a bumper scrape then we will adjust our valuation accordingly on inspection. Items that are commonly missed from the Quotation Request are as follows; chipped/cracked windscreen or wing mirrors, broken lenses or headlights, illegal tyre depth, worn tyres, broken electrics - windows, mirrors, sunroof, seats, scratches/marks on roof, leaking or inoperable sunroof, heavily worn or torn interiors, badly marked or ripped roof lining, radio not working (code or electrics), heaters not working, air conditioning not very cold, part of dashboard missing, seat belts not working,damaged paintwork from bird fouling, scratches that will not polish out, alloys wheels that need refurbishment.

The initial valuation that Money For Car provides is for full ownership of the vehicle and the accompanying documents. This includes the full V5, not just the green slip, the MOT's, service history and bills, road tax (tax disc), radio equipment and owner manuals. These documents are part of the sale price, unless otherwise stated in your Quotation Request.

Before a completed purchase can be made outstanding finance must be settled. Car finance is attached to the car and not to the individual. You cannot sell a car with finance outstanding and continue to pay the premiums.The finance company will provide you with a settlement figure. If the outstanding finance is more than the Money For Car valuation you will need to pay Money For Car the difference.

Formal identification will always be required. Provided that the vehicle is registered in your name at your address on the V5, a passport or driving licence is usually satisfactory. If we are purchasing from somewhere other than your home address or the address on the V5 is different or in a partners name we will require further identification. If you do not have a passport or driving licence let us know from the start so that alternatives can be arranged in advance.

Alternative identification could be 2-4 of the following items; bank statement/s, tax return/s, tax credits, council tax statement or bill, Police/Government/Civil Service ID cards, gas, water, electric,home land line phone bills.These documents must be less than three months old, in your name and at the same address as on the V5. Mobile phone bills are not accepted.

Money For Car will report any suspect activities to the police, no ID no sale, no exceptions.

Money For Car valuations combine trade prices, auctions, local sales and trends. Money For Car cannot always give a competitive price. Valuations vary across the industry and the UK and are sometimes local, sometimes very specific and often trend driven.


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